Events are a great way to keep up with news, updates and the latest happenings.

They offer a place for the community and the SSV team to connect and discuss what’s going on. In the Events dashboard, you can review past events, learn about upcoming events, and apply to participate or host an event!

<aside> πŸ’‘ Online Events - Events that take place online; they are usually streamed live to either Discord or YouTube. (e.g Community Call) Offline Events - Events that take place IRL (e.g The Future of ETH Staking in Amsterdam)


<aside> πŸ“‘ Online

Community Calls

Know Your Operator

The Merge Series

Grant Calls AMAs


<aside> πŸ“‘ Offline

FES - Lisbon | Liscon 2021

FES - Amsterdam | Devconnect 2022

Ep. 1: ETH Bogota

Ep. 2: ETH Denver