The Merge is an ecosystem-wide commentary leading up to the monumental shift to ETH 2.0. An 8-week series of interview format insights from core contributors and leaders of the industry discussing the future of ETH staking

Why are we doing this?

There is LOTS of misinformation as well as a sharp lack of understanding in and around all things PoS and the Merge.

Whether it's gas fees or what this means for us and you, it is clear that we are severely undereducated to a comical degree 👀

This series will be a block-by-block play, up until we finally see one of the largest events in crypto take place.

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Episode 1 - The Merge: Hosted by @sassal0x w/ special guest @TimBeiko


👂Listen to The 1st Episode:


Episode 2 - The Merge’s impact on DeFi? @sassal0x w/ @StaniKulechov @ AAVE | Lens


👂Listen to The 2nd Episode:


Episode 3 - ETH post-Merge: What’s the play? @sassal0x w/ @benjaminion_xyz