The Grants Program is a community-led grants program to fund development teams building decentralized staking applications and services with the intent of promoting and accelerating development and innovation by developers building on top of the network.

<aside> ✅ Want to apply for a grant? We’re working on a new strategy and will soon open up again. Stay tuned and watch out for announcements.


Predefined Grants

View of Predefined Grant Types

Micro-grants (<$5K)

View of Micro-Grant Types

Retroactive Awards

Unlike the other grant types, Micro-Grants can be awarded in advance but more often retroactively. Micro-Grants honor those who significantly contributed to the community and the project in unforeseen ways and where those efforts don't match one of the other grant areas. A single committee member can award micro-grants up to $5k. Anyone in the community can be awarded or suggest a candidate. A good example of a Micro-Grant is the creation of smaller tools for the ecosystem or significant moderation, marketing, or support during specific periods, e.g., the incentivized testnet.

Micro-Grant payments are 100% in SSV.

Open Grants

A completely open grant allocation of 75K SSV + $750 USDC, where it is up to the applicants to describe and justify the requested amount.

Open grants MUST NOT copy any of the pre-defined grants.

Open grant payments are encouraged to be in SSV or up to 30% in USDC (depending on the token inventory available).